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I came from a long search to you.

I came from a long path to you.

Couldn’t had ever gone through so much of fake.

Couldn’t had gone through so much of lies.

But i wished for you somehow.

Even if it were dreams

Even if it were my means of wishes.

I have really wanted to be with someone like you.

Not even like but actually you only.

There is so much for you.

All of my’s love is all for you.

Thank you for being here with all of me.


Am I really me ?

I think what i think they think of me.

Hey friends hope you all are doing fine and are good too.

One of my favourite lesson is from the quote above stated by Jay Shetty in his book ‘Think like a Monk’.

We are among so many people around us from our very childhood that we become the very likeable to get fit into the society.

People, Media, Fame, Money and so other things mix up with different information types and collaborate to form our needs, desires and even wishes too. Somehow we forgot our own mirrors sometime. Isn’t it.

Only through a constant habit of getting into some kind of self awareness and deeds can brings us to come into the knowledge of our very true self.

Otherwise Half of the life is gone just thinking about others, being for others and becoming like others. And after long time we get to realise that wish we were our true selves from the very beginning.

We talk, we laugh and we admire people around us. We even capture things that are not kind of ours but still we gain information, that’s how we start thinking about what people around us would be thinking about we before doing things. And we happen to become people someday.

Be yourself please because your identity is your unique spirit and your true self. Don’t be lost in the faces that take you away from your real you and make you someone who is not you.

Let us all be our true selves with true peace and happiness stay where truth enlightens in you.

Thank you.